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Planter Venus

Venus plant pot with a slim, elegant shape.

Planter Hebe

Plant pot Hebe, with the cylindrical shape that ensures high stability of the pot.

Planter Juno

Geometrical shape of the planter Juno, perfectly fits in both modern and traditional spaces. 

Planter Saturn

Planter Saturn is a timeless form, particularily charming in the version with light feature. 

Planter Uran

Planter Uran in each version can well decorate both small areas and very large spaces.

Planter Mars

Planter Mars with its big capacity, will accommodate even the largest plants and trees, it can also be used to separate space.

Planter Kalypso

Planter Kalypso thanks to its tasteful, elongated form, with even the smallest plant will provide high aesthetics effect.

Amphora Amfortas

Amphora Amfortas is a classic amphora shape as a stylish decoration of gardens and interiors. 

Planter Eris

Characteristic edges of pot Eris give it a stately and elegant shape.