dream ∙ design ∙ desire



pdconcept is a brand born in search for beauty in design. We dream, design and desire.

The founder of pdconcept is Paulina Dylkiewicz. The inspiration for the creation of the brand was born thanks to her father - Jacek. He was the one who created the first designs of pots, which initially were intended only for his family and friends.

The interest in these products in 2013, however, was so large that Paulina has decided to create a new brand pdconcept, which has its official start in December 2013. From now on, we are gradually building the brand image, we develop new ideas and create new products.

Right now, pdconcept is evolving into a brand full of beautifully designed products that perfectly complement all surrounding spaces, interiors and exteriors, home, offices, gardens and public spaces. The pdconcept brand is a modern brand created by young, talented designers, full of enthusiasm and creativity. We are very proud that pdconcept is a Polish brand, hoping to promote high-quality Polish products related to design.



The first line – Planet Collection – consists of perfect forms of plant pots and amphora.

Space Collection brings you products including home, office and garden furniture, and design elements.

Stars Collection is the line created by our Stars – the designers. Each of them has a different specialty and individual approach towards the products they design. Beautiful, unique and original are the associations that link them all.


All pdconcept products have been designed to fulfill the need of beauty meeting the functionality and to give the individual character of your surroundings.


Join the dream, design, desire vision and beautify your space with pdconcept.