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Planter Venus

Venus plant pot with a slim, elegant shape.

Planter Hebe

Plant pot Hebe, with the cylindrical shape that ensures high stability of the pot.

Planter Juno

Geometrical shape of the planter Juno, perfectly fits in both modern and traditional spaces. 

Planter Saturn

Planter Saturn is a timeless form, particularily charming in the version with light feature. 

Cylinder Tubus

Cylinder Tubus, is a modular form with endless applications. Tubus can be used as a piece of furniture - stool, coffee table or bedside table, and in the LIGHT version with the light feature as a decorative lamp. In this simple, yet...

Planter Uran

Planter Uran in each version can well decorate both small areas and very large spaces.


Kaktus is an original plant pot, or planter, ashtray and trash can in one. 

Polar Bear

Polar bear as a beautiful decoration or night light. 


Plant Bent is individually bent pot with its own unique character, each pot Bent is different.